At Wasabi Crop we are always looking to put the excitement back into your cooking, so if you have any ideas to put fresh wasabi produce into a favourite recipe, please contact us. Remember to add gated rhizome to spice up sandwiches using wasabi mayonnaise sprinkled with wasabi flowers. What about adding grated rhizome to a favourite beverage to bring the pungency zingy sweetness and heat out on a winter night. Why not buy a wasabi plant and grow your own rhizomes and eat the wasabi leaves and stems while you wait?

We sell wasabi plants and wasabi leaves

At Wasabi Crop we have pioneered the growing of wasabi plants to provide fresh wasabi rhizomes to all our customers.  Wasabia japonica adds a nutrient-rich flavour to your cuisine and has been part of Japan’s culture for several centuries.

At our Wasabi Crop growing facility here in County Armagh, on the island of Ireland, we have been cultivating wasabi since 2016 in the Oka tradition.  However, we have just completed our hydroponics set-up to grow Sawa’ water grown’ wasabi to facilitate plans to grow several wasabi varieties.

So, if you are excited to grow rhizomes, you can purchase wasabi plants here or you can buy the mature fresh wasabi rhizomes, wasabi leaves and wasabi flowers including a range of and accessories such as graters and bamboo brushes.

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    Wasabi Crop is nestled in the County of Armagh in Northern Ireland.  This orchard county is famous for the Bramley apple and is celebrated through the Apple Blossom Festival.  The festival provides music, orchard tours and locally produced food and drink.  Before you leave the Orchard County, make sure you have time to visit a Slieve Gullion, a part of the Ring of Gullion an area of outstanding natural beauty.  We certainly pack a punch in the small county of Armagh with our local cuisine. Who thought you could grow real fresh wasabi on the island of Ireland.

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