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In the quest to enhance everyday dishes’ flavours, the innovative concoction of wasabi mayonnaise emerges as a culinary delight. This versatile condiment combines the creamy texture of traditional mayonnaise with the zesty kick of wasabi, offering a unique twist to numerous dishes. Whether it’s an addition to your favourite burger, a sauce for vegetables, or a complement to seafood, wasabi mayonnaise is a simple yet transformative ingredient that elevates ordinary meals to gourmet experiences.

A Perfect Pairing for Burgers

Imagine biting into a succulent burger, be it a classic beef patty, an Asian-inspired turkey burger, or even a seafood variation like salmon or tuna. Now, enhance that experience with a dollop of homemade wasabi mayonnaise. The subtle heat and distinct flavour of wasabi blend seamlessly with the mayonnaise, adding depth and excitement to the burger without overwhelming the palate. This combination enriches the taste and introduces a creamy texture that complements the burger’s juiciness.

Versatility Beyond Burgers

Wasabi mayonnaise’s utility extends far beyond just being a burger condiment. Its unique flavour profile makes it an excellent sauce for an array of vegetables. Steamed baby bok choy, asparagus spears, crisp-tender cooked sugar snap peas, and grilled vegetables are transformed with its application, elevating simple side dishes to star components of any meal. Furthermore, this mayonnaise variant proves its versatility by enhancing chicken and pork dishes, offering a creamy contrast to the meats’ textures.

A New Dimension to Comfort Foods

Comfort foods like baked potatoes and French fries gain a new dimension with a touch of wasabia mayonnaise. The blend of the mayonnaise’s creaminess with the wasabi’s sharpness adds an unexpected and delightful twist to these classics. A baked potato, traditionally served with butter or sour cream, is elevated with wasabi mayonnaise and finished with freshly cut chives for an extra flavour boost. Similarly, French fries dipped in wasabi mayonnaise offer a refreshing change from the usual ketchup or plain mayonnaise, making for an irresistible snack.

Crafting Your Own Wasabi Mayonnaise

Creating wasabia mayonnaise at home is a straightforward process that promises a rewarding outcome. Begin by blending one large organic egg with Dijon mustard, unseasoned rice vinegar, kosher or sea salt, and granular sugar. Gradually add a stream of canola oil to the mixture while continuing to blend until the mixture becomes emulsified and thickens into mayonnaise. The critical step is incorporating freshly grated wasabi, preferably sourced from a reputable supplier like Wasabi Crop, to ensure the best flavour and potency. After a final blend, transfer the mayonnaise to a glass bowl and refrigerate it until needed. This homemade condiment can be stored for up to five days, serving as a delicious accompaniment to various dishes.

The Culinary Potential of Wasabi Mayonnaise

Wasabi mayonnaise is not just a condiment; it’s a culinary tool that unlocks a world of flavour possibilities. Its unique taste and creamy texture make it suitable for a wide range of dishes, from burgers and seafood to vegetables and comfort foods. By making your own wasabi mayonnaise, you invite an element of gourmet sophistication into your kitchen, enhancing meals with ease and creativity. Embrace the versatility and vibrancy of wasabi mayonnaise and discover the myriad ways it can elevate your culinary creations.

Why not make some delicious fresh wasabi mayonnaise for your favourite burger? This may well be an Asian Turkey Burger or for fish lovers on a salmon or tuna burger.  Wasabi mayonnaise can be a sauce for steamed baby bok choy in addition to asparagus spears, crisp-tender cooked sugar snap peas and grilled vegetables. It can also be used on dishes including chicken and pork.

Wasabi mayonnaise can be added to a baked potato and finished off the top with freshly cut chives. Let’s not forget the French fries!

Whisk Up a Zesty Storm: Homemade Wasabi Mayonnaise Magic

Simply just blend the egg, mustard, vinegar, salt and sugar.  After blending, add a stream of oil and continue until all of the oil is mixed in and emulsified to produce thick-looking mayonnaise.  The exciting part is adding the freshly grated wasabi rhizome obtained from Wasabi Crop. Once added, blend the contents for a short time, then transfer to a glass bowl and keep refrigerated until further use. Fantastic you have just made wasabi mayonnaise that will keep for up to 5 days for a delicious accompaniment to your sandwiches.

What’s required to make about 300 mL of Wasabi Mayonnaise:

One large ‘organic’ egg

One tablespoon of Dijon mustard

One tablespoon of unseasoned rice vinegar

One tablespoon of kosher or sea salt

One tablespoon of granular sugar

One cup full of 240 mL canola oil

Three tablespoons of Freshly grated Wasabi Paste

Enjoy Fresh Wasabi Rhizomes, Leaves and Stems from Wasabi Crop!

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