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Wasabi Plants-Set of 5


Purchase a set of 5 wasabi plants to enjoy harvesting fresh, spicy rhizomes and tasty leaves right from your garden.

Wasabi Plants – Set of 5: Cultivate Your Own Fresh Wasabi at Home

Thank you for choosing to purchase a set of 5 wasabi plants cultivated on the enchanting island of Ireland. Your plants will be safely delivered via Ireland Express or Royal Mail. Upon arrival, you should transplant your wasabi into a minimum 9 litre pot with drainage holes. Begin by placing a layer of pea shingle over the drainage holes to enhance drainage during the growth cycle. Next, fill the pot with a mix of fertile soil and compost to support robust root development.

It’s crucial to position the plant in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight, whether indoors or outdoors. Wasabi thrives in moist conditions, but be careful not to overwater. When planting, ensure the crown of the wasabi plant is visible just above the soil to promote healthy growth of leaves and stems.

Remember, every part of the wasabi plant is edible.

Cultivation tips reflect wasabi’s natural habitat in Japan, where it grows under the canopy of trees along mountain streams. Thus, an ideal spot would be a shaded garden corner, perhaps by a fence, under trees, or around the edges of a pond if available.

To care for your wasabi at home, moisten the soil and nourish the plant with a diluted seaweed-based fertiliser.

The wasabia plant can develop large, heart-shaped leaves and stems, potentially growing up to about 50 cm. Make sure to leave ample space between plants as the rhizome develops. Wasabia plants can withstand temperatures as low as -5ºC, but it’s advisable to cover them with fleece to protect against extremely cold nights.

Important Information Regarding Your Wasabi Plants

Please note that our wasabi plants are shipped without pots, wrapped in a bolus—a ball of soil or a similar medium that keeps the roots moist and safeguarded during transit. This ensures the plants are vibrant and ready for immediate replanting in your chosen environment.

Should you have any queries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Wasabi Crop Team

Home » Wasabi Crop Shop » 5 wasabi plants


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