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Wasabi Crop at the London Food Show

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Wasabi Crop was at the London Produce Show on 8 June 2017 and met many people interested in real fresh wasabi.  Firstly, they could not believe we were growing wasabi in Northern Ireland, and the three plants we transported from Northern Ireland to the show were definitely a star attraction.  However, not only did we bring some wasabi leaves and stems for the delegates to try, but they also found the stems fresh and crunchy and the leaves to have the right amount of kick. At the end of the show, we gave two mazuma wasabi plants to Chef Gavin from the Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London, where the show was held in the Great Ballroom. The remaining plant was given to Jason Danciger of Sushi Gourmet. You can see Sean Kitson (left) of Wasabi Crop and Jason in the photo below enjoying real wasabi!

The title of this post was inspired by a presentation given by Chef Peter Gorton, as shown in the extract below.

Everybody is Looking for Something Different’ Says Chef Peter Gorton on The London Produce Show – 7th-9th June; with many years in the restaurant business under his belt, Michelin-starred British chef Peter Gorton now travels the world consulting for the hospitality industry far and wide. Speaking to PBUK, he talks about the encouragement he feels when meeting with passionate growers, the ever-growing trend of seeking out something new to eat, and the diverse and high-profile lineup of chefs who will be cooking up a storm at The London Produce Show 2017.

Wasabi Crop’s vision is to produce ‘Everybody is Looking for Something Different’, so at the 2018 London Produce Show, we will not only be bringing wasabi leaves and stems but the rhizomes will be the stars of the show!

Enjoy working with fresh wasabi!

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