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Fresh Wasabi Flowers


Wasabi flowers, small and white, bloom on the plant. They add a delicate, spicy flavour to salads and garnishes.

Delicious Edible White Fresh Wasabi Flowers

Wasabi Flowers are part of the wasabi plant, and the average stem length is about 10-15 cm. These are connected to heart-shaped leaves, which can grow to about 5 cm. Every stem consists of up to 5 leaves in any growth period. Therefore, approximately 10 wasabi flowers on each stem eventually bloom into small star-shaped flowers with white petals. The texture of these fresh edible wasabi flowers is crunchy and produces a zingy bite with a flavour associated with the taste of grated fresh wasabi root.

These Wasabi flowers are sold in 50 g bunches; each stem has a cluster of about 10-12 flowers. They can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days. 

These exquisite wasabi flowers contain enough of a wasabi kick to make them a rare edible decoration for your favourite dish, especially sushi, sashimi, meat, and fish. In addition, these amazing wasabi flowers would look perfect in canapés and even in your favourite dessert. Wasabi flowers are sold with stems and can also be used in salads or as a garnish.

The nutritional value of wasabi flowers is derived from glucosinolates: these produce the spicy flavour of wasabi rhizomes and contain compounds that may have anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, wasabi flowers are an excellent addition to sautéing and your favourite stir-fry. Fresh wasabi flowers can also be added to salads and used as a topping for miso soup and undo or soba, in addition to garnishing your favourite sushi rolls.

For the more adventurous, why not try decorating your favourite cocktail with a sprinkle of wasabi flowers to give it a mild wasabi kick?  In Japanese cuisine, wasabi flowers are also used in a pickled dish known as Wasabi Zuke.

Embracing the vibrant essence of wasabi flowers elevates the aesthetic and taste dimensions of a myriad of dishes and integrates a nutritional aspect that complements a health-conscious lifestyle. Their unique texture, flavour, and health benefits make them an unparalleled addition to both traditional and innovative culinary creations, offering a novel way to experience the beloved wasabi’s piquant charm. Whether adorning a sophisticated plate or enhancing a simple home-cooked meal, these edible flowers promise to infuse a touch of elegance and an unexpected zing, making every bite an exquisite exploration of flavours.

Enjoy wasabi flowers

Home » Wasabi Crop Shop » wasabi flowers
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