Fresh Wasabi Leaves and Stems

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Fresh Wasabi Leaves and Stems


Wasabi leaves, characterised by their distinctive spicy flavour, can transform simple dishes into gourmet experiences with their vivid green colour and unique taste profile.

Freshly Picked Wasabi Leaves and Stems

Buy a 200 g bunch of wasabi leaves and stems for £8.00.

These succulent heart-shaped bunches of wasabi leaves and stems are harvested on the day of order and shipped in specially designed packaging to keep them at maximum freshness for you to enjoy! Why not buy a wasabi plant?

A bunch of wasabi leaves and stems also contain a unique wasabi flavour with a milder wasabi heat, making them an excellent addition to salads.

They are very popular in Japan and are used in stir fry, stews, and boiled noodles.

In addition, they are a great accompaniment to casseroles, and the stem can be used in your favourite cocktail.

The crunchy raw stem typically has a radish and spring onion flavour. Wasabia leaves can be used on your favourite sandwiches or in a tuna salad.

Wasabi leaves should be stored in the fridge for about 7 days.

In restaurants in Japan, you can discover wasabia leaves and stems in the form of pickles. Just imagine serving wasabia leaves and stems with your favourite cuisine at home. This is possible because we have managed to grow fresh wasabi plants on the island of Ireland. Why not purchase a young wasabi plant so you can pick your own fresh wasabia leaves and stems?

The wasabi stem pickles served in Japanese restaurants are crunchy, salty, and slightly sour. Perhaps most importantly, they have a more delicate but definitely recognisable typical wasabi flavour. These wasabi plants grow quickly, and you should have a good supply of leaves and stems for another pickling session.

If you are lucky enough to go to Japan and ask for wasabi pickles, known as wasabi zuke, this product is different from wasabi pickles even though it is made with stems. The only difference is that it contains the prized wasabi rhizome, sake lees and several other interesting ingredients.

The wasabi leaves and stems we sell are extraordinary, coming from the mazuma wasabi plant. Always use high-quality ingredients, such as soy sauce, mirin, and rice vinegar, that are free from additives.

Buy wasabi leaves and try them on your favourite sandwich.

Home » Wasabi Crop Shop » wasabi leaves and stems
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