Wasabi Crop Box Hamper


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Wasabi Crop Box Hamper

The Wasabi Crop Box Hamper contains two wasabi plants so that you can grow your own leaves and stems while you wait for the rhizome to mature!  Just imagine having your own wasabi plant growing in your home – especially in the kitchen, where you will be able to pick fresh wasabi leaves and stems and add them to your salads and sandwiches.

Even better you can also enjoy the edible wasabi flowers from your own plant. Also, included is a booklet on wasabi containing some ideas about cooking and growing wasabi.  Remember, wasabi is naturally paired with sushi and sashimi. It can also be used to flavour dressings such as meat or fish.  Wasabi can also be fused into ice cream and chocolate.  Imagine the Japanese experience of grating your own fresh wasabi rhizome using the wasabi bamboo grater.  This wonderful tool is exceptional in grating wasabi by breaking down the cellular structure and releasing the wasabi kick.

The wasabi chemistry results in an enzyme reaction that delivers the heat, flavour and pungency.  Just grate the required amount and let the paste mature for about 5 minutes to release the wasabi hit.

Then enjoy the wasabi experience by consuming all the paste from the grating within 20 minutes.  If you want more just complete another grating cycle with the rhizome and repeat above. Grate in circular motions.  Real wasabi is always grated in front of you! The best way to remove the wasabi paste from the surface is to use the wasabi bamboo brush: this will help you mix the wasabi and gather all of the valuable paste from the grater.

Wasabi Crop Box Hamper includes:

1 x 50 g Fresh Wasabi Rhizome

1 x Stainless steel Wasabi Grater

1 x Wasabi Bamboo Brush

1 Booklet on How to use Fresh Wasabi Rhizomes

2 x Wasabi Plants


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