Wasabi Bamboo Brush


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Wasabi Bamboo Brush

A wasabi bamboo brush is the perfect tool for removing the wasabi paste from the grater.  The flexible bristles make it perfectly suited for the grater: and especially the removal of all the wasabi paste from grater.  This grater works equally well with wasabi, ginger and radish.

It also has good durability.

You can wash the brush by hand.

Wasabi Bamboo Brush is approximately 13.3 cm.

Also, it is a great accessory for the sharkskin wasabi graters used in sushi restaurants as a traditional cooking tool.  The bamboo brush is used to gather the paste from the grater after the Wasabi is grated down.

How to use the Wasabi Bamboo Brush in the grating of a rhizome?

Take a Wasabi Crop rhizome and rinse it under cold running water.  Then lightly peel the outer knobbly layer (but this is not essential) or remove the black patches which are due to the natural oxidation process of the Wasabi.  This will then ensure a cleaner fresher wasabi paste.  At this stage, you can cut off the crown and grate from that end or from the other end revealing the flesh of the rhizome.  The mazuma wasabi variety has a purplish ring and you can start the grating process.

You should try to grate the rhizome in a circular motion on the stainless steel flat wasabi grater or a similar implement.  This action will produce the fine fresh wasabi paste and you can continue doing this until you have plenty for your favourite dish.  However, do not over grate because the wasabi paste will start to lose its flavour after about 20 minutes and you do not want to waste this rare product.  After all, you can always grate more as and well you need it.

Now you have the fresh wasabi paste spread out on the grater, the next stage is to transfer it to a suitable receptacle such as a wooden or glass bowl.  Use the wasabi brush to make a pile and leave it to rest at room temperature on the grater for 5 minutes to encourage the flavour and allow the pungent heat to develop.  At this stage it is ready to serve.

We recommend that you use the Wasabi Grater – which can be purchased from the Wasabi Crop Shop to ensure you produce the fine fresh wasabi paste and enjoy the Japanese experience.

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