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Cultivating wasabi plants requires shade, moist soil, and careful avoidance of direct sunlight for optimal growth and health.

Grow Wasabi Plants

It is great that you have purchased your wasabi plants grown on the island of Ireland.  Ireland Express or  Royal Mail will ship your wasabi plants.  When you receive the wasabi plant, you should plant it into at least a 9-litre plant pot containing drainage holes at the bottom.  Just place a pea shingle layer at the bottom of the pot to cover the drainage holes. This is to aid in good drainage during the plant’s growing cycle.  Then, fill the pot with a mixture of fertile soil/compost to aid in a good root structure.

It is most important to keep the plant out of direct sunlight and provide plenty of shade in the house or garden.  Remember that wasabi flourishes in plenty of water, but do not soak the plant for a long period.  When planting, make sure that the wasabi plant’s crown is not covered and is visible just above the soil level in the pot. This is so that the leaves and stems’ growth is not hindered.

Wasabi plants are 100% edible.

All grown on the island of Ireland.

In Japan, Wasabi grows under trees on mountain stream banks where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, find a shady corner in your garden and plant it by a fence or under trees and bushes. If you are lucky, you can plant it in the shade on the surrounding edge of a pond.

If you grow wasabi in your home, keep the soil/compost moist and feed your plant with good plant food, such as a dilute seaweed solution.

The wasabia plant can grow quite big and project large, heart-shaped wasabi leaves and stems to a length of up to about 50 cm, hence leaving adequate space between multiple plants.

A rhizome begins to form during the plant’s growth. Wasabia plants can survive temperatures down to -5ºC. Therefore, they should be covered with fleece to protect them from extremely cold nights.

Important Information Regarding Wasabi Plants

Please be aware that our wasabi plants are supplied without pots and are dispatched in bolus form, typically consisting of a ball of soil or a similar medium that helps to keep the roots moist and protected. This method ensures that the plants remain fresh and are ready for replanting in your preferred setting upon arrival.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Wasabi Crop Team

Home » Wasabi Crop Shop » wasabi plant
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